Pplex/Havoc bridge

  1. Pplex/Havoc bridge

    Hey guys I am 5'10, and will be about 198 lbs by the end of my cut and about 13% bf. I will cut for about 2 more months before I start the cycle, just want to have everyone look over the setup since you guys always help me out. My prior experience is a Havoc stand alone, and Havoc stacked with bold 200. My bulk cycle will look like this:

    1 20 Phera
    2 30 Phera
    3 30 Phera 20 Havoc
    4 20 Phera 30 Havoc
    5 30 Havoc
    6 40 Havoc
    7 40 Havoc

    Support supps: Cycle support (pre-load 1 week), liv 52, animal flex, mega dosing fish oil, multi, taurine

    PCT: Nolva (40/20/20/10), Post cycle support, cycle support, Green Magnitude

    *My diet will be very clean and obviously no drinking on cycle or pct. I am looking to hopefully pack on about 15lbs of muscle with very little fat gain. Any suggestions or support would be greatly appreciated. I will probably log this when the time comes. Thanks guys.

  2. Looks pretty good bro. A nice well thought out cycle.
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  5. personally, i would not use Havoc in a bulk cycle. P-plex however....HELL YEA. just watch the "wet sides", you might bloat, but don't worry it will go away after the cycle. i suggest running Formestane during if you can, or taking 50mgs. of ATD at night, both worked well for me.

  6. looks good to me. Keep up some cardio 2-3x per week if you are serious about 15 lbs without gaining fat. And diet will need to be dialed in. But no reason you can't do it!

    you gonna log it?
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  7. I second for a log. I'd love to see the results as I'm debating on this for my next one. I LOVED Epi . and I had great results with Mdrol,:bb3: but the sides are just too much for me. I'm thinking of using Pplex next time....

  8. Ok guys I will log it when the time comes.

  9. Please excuse my lack of knowledge but aren't Epi, Havoc & Form all in the anti-E catagory? If so why recommend one vs. the other?

  10. Havoc and Epi are the same thing.


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