increased recovery on the much more?

  1. increased recovery on the much more?

    how much could you safely work out on the m1t without overtraining and still get great gains if you were doing heavy weight /high reps? i know people say that the recovery rate is increased, but how much?

  2. Everyone is different.

  3. Just push until you can't push no more! Seriously bro, you need to be able to know what proper failure and such feels like, and work aggressively towards it when on.

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  4. just go til you give out? oh man, i've been doing that lately lol . my trainer had me doing low rep heavy weights and decided it was time to move up in weight so he has me doing 15 reps x3 with the same weight i was doing the 6or 8 reps at before, and my chest and shoulders go out halfway through like a switch got flipped off lol

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