First Anavar only cycle. Are my doses high enough?

  1. First Anavar only cycle. Are my doses high enough?

    Hey I am wanting to do a anavar only cycle. Im a first time user and Im doing it to help me excel at my sport. I was wondering if someone could tell me if my cycle if going to work? or would i just be wasting my money? Im hoping to maintain my weight (205ibs, 6'2) but get stronger and leaner.

    I have 500 10mg pills. would this be an affective cycle?

    Week 1-3 Im taking 30mg ed
    Week 4-7 Im taking 60mg ed

    If I did do that cycle, what am I most likely going to achieve? Any advice or tips would be much appreciated.

  2. Based on your goals, I think thats will get a bit stronger, and you might get a bit leaner (although the anavar wont do that directly). As long as you dont have crazy expectations, you wont be disappointed. Expecting to gain 10 pounds on an anavar only cycle would be unrealistic....As an aside, I have really only seen one guy ever make a nice transformation using was a pro wrestler I worked with, but he literally had to get up to 100mgs a day to start to get results...


  3. Doesn't 30mg seems a bit too low, especially at your weight. I agree with holy, 100mg a day is the best dose from what I read (never used it though)

  4. Damn, Im making a habit out of half reading threads....TNick is definitely right...I didnt realize the cycle started out at 30mgs...If you can do 60mgs the entire time, thats what I would do....I have prepped figure girls who used 20mgs, so I dont think 30 is going to do much...


  5. Agreed....for a 120 pound female dosage is around 10-12mgs, so I would hit right into 60mg for someone your size.
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  6. on the subject of anavar, have any of you seen it come in 50mg tabs. Just curious for my own selfish needs

    If you could get ur hands on them then 100mg's a day wouldn't seem so bad.

  7. There are some UGs who make higher MG tabs...


  8. Quote Originally Posted by holyintellect View Post
    There are some UGs who make higher MG tabs...

    Ok good i wasn't sure if this guy was just trying to make some money off me selling me 10mg tabs that should be 50mg tabs.

  9. nah thats how they usally come they are up there with the most expensive, maybe get ur hands on d-bol and cycle 2 weeks of one then the other. i have seen some reports of people making good gains with this sort of short cycle. i guess it could be a bit of an experiment.


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