An idea for an 8 week cycle

  1. An idea for an 8 week cycle

    Ok, I want to see what you guys think about this cycle. I have both M-1t and 4-aderm. I am currently only taking the m1-t. I was reading people suggesting that running 2 week cycles of m1-t is smarter than running longer 4 week cycles. My idea is this, 2 weeks of m1-t at 10 mg/day then 2 weeks of 4-aderm 2x day at standard dosage then 2 weeks on m1-t again and another 4-aderm for 2 weeks after. The point being able to stay on longer with less side-effects since im sort of using the 4-AD as a bridge between the 2 m-1t cycles. Opinions? Post cycle will consist of clomid and nolva ed.

  2. Nah, I'd personally do them together for the 2 ON weeks, and go clean for the 2 OFF weeks.

  3. Why the 2 week clean period? Wouldn't that just hinder my gains?

  4. Well, but the 4AD will keep you in full-blown shutdown mode. You won't recover any during that time frame. Well, your liver will, but not HPTA. So you'd be better off to just stay on it if you're gonna be on something anyway, IMO.

  5. I agree with N4. Your going to be suppressing your natty levels by bridging like that. Youd be playing some weird tricks on the negative feedback loop and I'm not sure that would be wise.

    I'm starting to think the glory of M1T is that its fast acting nature and your cycle would be negating this. You'd probably gain a lot but the PS suppression might negate some of this.

    Based on what I have been reading in here I'm thinking the way to go with M1T is to shoot for your 10 pounds in 10 to 12 days then go off for a couple weeks and just concentrate on keeping these gains. Given the brevity of the cycles we can change the emphasis of the cycle from "gain at all costs" to "gain some quickly and get off before you get suppressed."

    Remember suppression is the biggest enemy to your gains post cycle so if we can avoid it then we have a huge advantage over traditional long PH cycles. IMOHO

    Any thoughts from the rogue's gallery on this?

  6. I agree with the above. Do both, on 2 weeks off 2. The whole reason behind 2 week on with M1T is to prevent shutdown.


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