Pulsing HARSH compounds- if u had to make a choice which 1?

  1. Pulsing HARSH compounds- if u had to make a choice which 1?

    For obvious reasons the pulse method is chosen. if u had to make a choice, which 1 out of the 3 wud u pick?

    CHOICE 1# Decabolen 60caps by CTD Labs - Halodrol, Superdrol, Phera-Plex

    CHOICE 2# Hemobolin 250 by Pharma Resources - Halodrol, Superdrol, Hemaguno(EPI/HAVOC)

    CHOICE 3# Monster Pak 30 paks by Fast Action - Superdrol, Tren xtreme, Creatine Ester and AAKG with full cycle support all in one pak. (for choice 3 is also guna be stacked with either Halo, Epi/Havoc, or any other recommendations?)

    pretty much each choice is around $50.

    Choice #3 is guna cost a little more becuz another compound is being purchased separately but the monster pack comes w/full cycle support so its more cost efficient @the end.

    if u cud make ur own custom oral abuser stack w/ 3 compounds, what wud u choice in a pulse?

    FYI - standard PCT (SERM/AI) will also follow when the pulse cycle is done & over with.

  2. i would go with #2 on a pulse. better get some support supps. and a good pct.

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