Beginner Need HELP!!

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    Because I am only 18 and I have been a little reluctant to try anything at this age. But now that I am starting college in a couple weeks-even though it takes a lot more time than that to get anywhere- I would like to get on the right road lol. I have been researching products for quite sometime, and have also been looking through the forums. I need help with the safest and most efficent Cycle list including a mass gainer like Mass FX or Hyperdrol, and PCT like Advanced PCT or something. I NEED HELP FAST! Orientation is coming.



  2. 1. MassFX and Hyperdrol aren't steroids

    2. Read the rules, you can't post in this section at 18

  3. what is it with these stick-thin kids chasing gear? Try eating more food!

  4. put the fork to the face. u can easily gain 15-20lbs in your first year of college..just make sure its good weight. listen.. u have like 3 hours of class each day..maybe 6 if ur an over achiever. when ur not in class, eat, do your work, and hit the weights. i dk what it is with everyone but i lost 15 lbs my first semester in college. don't go out drinking every night. thats what weekends r for, but don't over do it. don't get suckered into drinking everynight. ive seen alot of my friends do that and they blew up...not good. with an unlimited meal plan ( thats what i had), u really can eat every 2-3 hours, but eat the right stuff.

  5. ^^^^^ truth

  6. ya its just hard to eat a **** load of food. I just bought some ginger root and ill see how it works out

  7. You better learn how to eat a sheetload of food or you are pissing in the wind with alot of good chemistry!!
    Always open light. Itís not what you open with, itís what you finish with. Louie Simmons


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