my M-Drol PCT

  1. my M-Drol PCT

    i'm on week one of PCT:

    so far i'm doing

    torm - I'm taking ABOUT 90mgs a day, not sure because this torm dropper has no marks for measuing and it tastes so f'in bad everyday I contemplate skipping it

    Creatine mono 5g.
    Milk Thistle

    I was gonna through in LX2, but I see more and more people running it on beginning week 3 of PCT, It hink it has something to do with your cortisol levels rebounding? anyways should I incorporate the LX2 then or should I just save it for when I do a more "hardcore" cycle (meaning increased shutdown)

  2. I'm sorry maybe i missed where you had a log.How long was your cycle?How is your libido now?You may want to consider adding some stinging nettle in there.I know from my experience that mdrol shuts you down bad.So it wouldnt hurt to add some more OTC products in there for libido/test.

  3. Dump the torm into juice when you drink it...forget drinking that stuff straight up lol

  4. I would invest a couple of dollars into a oral syringe so you know how much your taking.
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