Starting methyl 1-Test/ 4-ad stack

  1. Starting methyl 1-Test/ 4-ad stack

    Just ordered some M1-Test and T-4 for my donkey. I plan on dosing m1-t at 10mg ed and the T-4 at 2 squirts ed all for 4 weeks. Do you guys think this is okay? Also my donkey likes to workout first thing in the morning. How long do you think it should wait after taking the ph's before its workout?

    For post cycle I got some liquid nolva. Dosage will be 40mg ed/1wk and then 20mg ed/3wks. Did I get the dosage correct on the pct?

    Any comments would be appreciated, flaming included. Thanks in advanced.

  2. lolol i have a donkey thats doing the exact same thing man as soon as his pct comes in.

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