methyl 1-test and low back pain

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  1. Originally posted by bigbadboss101
    What you guys say you haven't noticed anything, how little difference are you seeing? Small change in appetite? Very little pump? Higher heart rate, temperature. More intensity? Less soreness? I can believe you are seeing nothing, but I guess it's a matter of definition.

    I'd say my appetite had barely been altered. I'm having the lower back pain but with enough water it goes away later in the day. When I did my first 1-test ethergel cycle I was letharic as hell. Nothing like that yet on the Meythl-1test.

    I was really looking for strength increases, nothing of the sort yet. I think I might of gained a pound or 2 of body weight but that's about it. Also, I don't appear to be any leaner then I was before taking it.
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  2. 50 mgs a day? Are you nuts? I ran 40 ed for 2 weeks after running 20 ed for 2 and I thought I was insane for going though what I was. Be prepared to have piss so brown youll think your pissing maple syrup. And the back pains (which are more like side pains) are extreme enough to not be able to fall asleep with. I was doing something even worse by taking advil pracitly allday long for the last 2 weeks to deal with it. It wasnt worth the extra 4 lbs that was gained those last two weeks. I went from gaining about 9 lbs the first two to 4 lbs more the last two and I doubled the dose and quadrupled the sides. NOT WORTH IT!
    Take into account im about 245lb and pretty experienced in this game. I would not recommend it to anybody. Anyone saying they experienced no sides at 50 or 60mg ed are either lieing, play tough guy, or want somebody buried next to them.

    My recommendation only! Its your body, do with it as you please. Just dont cry about it afterwards. I would have never said anything about that cycle since I did it to myself knowing the consequences but I feel that everyone should be given fair warning and experiences might just help your decision making process.

    Whatever you choose, good luck.


    PS. I lost that last 4 lbs PC, even running letro and nolva.

  3. "What you guys say you haven't noticed anything, how little difference are you seeing? Small change in appetite? Very little pump? Higher heart rate, temperature. More intensity? Less soreness? I can believe you are seeing nothing, but I guess it's a matter of definition"

    I've been taking about 40mg m1t per day now and cut out the 4ad altogehter.

    Being I'm almost done my 6 week cycle, i can tell you, it really didnt do anything for me.

    I was extremely lethargic. Tired all the time, even when i split 20mg in the morning and then 20mg later.

    Now, i just take 40mg right after I work out.

    I feel like my head is foggy all day and I can't really think straight. Like i'm constantly in a daze. I wouldn't say my appetite has changed, but I do seem to get full more quicker then I'm used to.

    As for the working out, except for always being tired, its done relatively nothing.. NO pump, no intensity, no strength increases, and I started out at arond 210 pounds and I'm at 211 pounds right now, almost six weeks later.

  4. What is your diet? Training regiment. I have a hard time believing that you did everything the way that you are supposed to, and it did nothing.

  5. Originally posted by sifu
    What is your diet? Training regiment. I have a hard time believing that you did everything the way that you are supposed to, and it did nothing.
    so far my experience on it isnt yeilding all that good of results either.. im getting 1000 calories over maintenance and prolly 1300 over maintenance on non workout days and its working nice but no better than say the t1 pro i took before.. ill let you know how it looks going into the 4 week range though

  6. db682 since yours were side pains like mine do you really think its muscle related or kidney? lots of water made mine go away, wouldn't be a flushed out kidney? i don'tsee how people think this isn't kidney related...i'm still going to take m1t, but drink a lot. i just really think its kidney, yet everyone says back muscles? just wondered what you thought since you said its offset like i also had. many say water helps it also which i would think would be kidney related not muscle?

  7. Oh i'm not looking for gains like some people have claimed. "10 pounds in week one."

    I mean maybe that's true, but i don't believe it.

    But the problem for me anymore is, I tried it expecting to see some gains, maybe 5 pounds during the cycle, and there hasn't been any.

    My diet is good, my training is good, I know what usually works for me and what doesnt', just anymore, I think i will be staying away from supplements besides protein and creatine, because to me, even if i did gain that 5 pounds in six weeks, was it really worth $80? I don't think so, I can gain 10 pounds in say a few months, then go cut out 5 pounds and I'll be more ripped.

    Anymore, most supplements, even though some might work and some might work better then others, to me, its just not worth the money anymore.

    In the next year or so I'm looking to go from 210 up to 250 and then cut down till around 225-230. ANd I really am planning to stay around that weight. I know i can do it with normal food and hard lifting, but with these test products and ad products, it's a crapshoot. Some might work, some might not, some might work better then others. And even when buying the same kind, it's not always the same thing.

    SO for now, supplements are just a waste of money to me. NOt saying they don't work, but I dont need to gain tons of pounds quick and I dont need to lose tons of pounds quick. If it takes me 5 years to get around 235 and looked ripped, I'd be happy. It's a lifetime thing to me, not a few months to look great and then lose half of it. I've seen too many people lift, then take stuff, legal or illegal, get so ripped and huge, and then they quit or stop and either lose most of their ripped look or just get fat. Most people going for quick fixes, usually aren't going to be working out in 4-5 years anyway.

  8. OK, just some feed back for everyone. I stated taking M1T at 20mgs daily. Had to back down to 10 daily spilt through out the day. Went from 283 to 292 in 6 days. My strength has gone up greatly in that amount of time. I also respond very well to things so I don't expect to hear this kind of feed back from everyone. Sides were too much at 20 mgs for me. I'm not sure if I will make any gains at the 10mg dose and if I don't then I will stop taking it as 20mgs is too much for me. I would consider myself at the advanced level and I just want to say that everyone should be extremely careful with this stuff. It definatley is wicked and should be treated with respect. Not to be misused.

  9. I'm hoping at 10 mgs I can still make gains although I still have a slight headache. Since you are still getting good gains at 5 I might still do that, so this is good news.

  10. """Am I the only one who is not getting basically any sides at all?"""

    -I don't have any sides and went from 155 to 170 in 10 days( i'm on 4ad also, so some of it is water)

  11. Originally posted by corteztk1982
    """Am I the only one who is not getting basically any sides at all?"""

    -I don't have any sides and went from 155 to 170 in 10 days( i'm on 4ad also, so some of it is water)

    honestly what im beginning to think and i guess this is obvious is that if your not getting the sides your probobly not responding well to it.. cause i dont see any of the sides except for a lil back pain when i was working back and thats it.. im not seeing the gains others are seeing either

    and cortez i took 4-ad (higher dosage) with m-1-t and most of my gains were water..

  12. It great alot of you guys are doing well with it and not having to deal with the side effects. I'm just now feeling good again after the two weeks I was on it. It's just not for everyone, obviously. The side effects I was getting effected my whole day and even if I gained from it, it wouldn't be worth it. Weight training always made be feel great and this stuff made me feel the opposite. I felt like I was fighting a hangover everyday of the week, mildly at 10mgs and worse at 20mgs

    I'm back with the T1 Pro and like before, no sides at all. Using transdermals ( Super One and T1-Pro ) took me from 184 to 194 over the summer without a caloric increase so I'm back to that. I don't know how much more I can expect from it as I was very skeptical that it would work at all. I was very happy with a solid ten pounds over four months ( month on , month off ) though I know most of you wouldn't be.

    Good luck to you all.

  13. Well guys, I've used it all and nothing has ever made me feel like this. I'm coming off at least for a while. Took 5 mg yesterday morning and didn't bother to take the other half last night. Head foggy, BP up. Oh well, kinda sucks.

  14. How many people have tried taurine w/M1T? I use it regularly (started a few months ago on a clen cycle, and it's so cheap I just continued). I only had two minor cramps on 2 weeks of M1T, both in my neck muscles. No potassium aside from diet. Before I used taurine, I'd tried 1 AD, and was cramping all the time, especially in my back.

    Taurine is dirt cheap, I think anyone on an M1T cycle should try it at 3-5 gm a day.

  15. i did 20mg and the only side affect was back/side pains till i drank more water and that went away. it made me take a nap or two a day was all. i too NOTHING ELSE. no hawthornberry or anything else. creatine, flax, m1t, creatine was it. i just didn't have that stuff at the time. this next cycle i have nac and hawthorn berry

  16. Day 7 of 10mg M1T and so far no sides that I can directly attribute to M1T. As of day 5, I was up 3lbs, strength up marginally, workout intesity up markedly.

    I use 400 mg SAMe for liver, joint and mood support. Use Taurine and Glutamine, ON 100% Whey, ALCAR, vinpocetine, ALA, and multivit. Calories have been at or below maintenance due to unexpected work situations. Appetite has not been great at all.

    I strongly suspect many of the sides have to do with BP. I have low BP and the M1T makes me feel energized. My lower back does ache but I honestly think its from doing construction work and not getting to the chiropractor.

    Planning to take the cycle 7 more days will update.

  17. OMG MAN i have the same thing happening to me right now too! (read my thread in the misc. section)

  18. i did a 2 week cycle and gained 9 lbs. with no change in diet. got a lot bigger but not that much stronger. didn,t have any real sides at all , some aching joints was about all, stayed so pumped it was hard to do things like washing my hair, and shaving. went off for 2 weeks, then did a 1 wk cycle and put on about 7 lbs. seems most of my gains come in the first week with just small gains the second. im going to run a 1 on 1 off for a while and see what happens. im doing 20mg a day of m1t by itself.

  19. oddly, Since this 1 cycle with low back pain at 20 mg I have run 3 2 week on/off cycles in a row with pct 1 at 10 mg/day and 2 at 20 mg/day with 4-ad included of course and the back pain has not come back. Keep in mind I am also predisposed for back pain since I injured it in football some years ago (couldnt play all sr year). I have used both meso and gaspari.

  20. damn cortez i love seeing your posts man. anyway, pjam where did you get you m1t from?

  21. i recently finished a 4 week cycle of m1t at 20 mg ed. what i observed was the first to weeks i gained weight 9 - 10 lbs with minimal strength gains . the third and forth week the weight gain tapered off and strength gain shot up greatly and im still gaining strength on my pct . i did have sides some lethargy on a few days nothing unbearable tho , back pains and muscle cramping and a low libido . but all in all it was more than worth it . by the way i was taking m1t by itself so i could credit everything to it . i stocked up on m1t and will definitely do more cycles . its hard for me to believe that one would not gain from this amazing compound . peace

  22. Quote Originally Posted by Rictor33
    I was taking methyl 1-test and 4-ad trans, but the bloat was pissing me off and making me look like a fat **** so i will just save that for later. The problem is I have this back pain in my lower-left region that at times is unbearable, I would be in accounting class struggling to pay attention due to the pain in my lower back. Is this a common side-effect? I know it is with dbol which is also methylated, is it due to stress on my liver? Could my liver be in danger? Should I get some milk thistle? I can't do bent over bb rows right now because the pain is so bad.
    if it is in your lower back then it could be your Kidneys or too much water.

  23. Is it just me or does this sound crazy. if your in that much pain stop what your doing and get checked out. Don't take chances with your organs man. You need to get your blood checked and see what's up. Typically when people have pains like your describing that means there is something not right going on. Don't take your health lightly and don't completely rely on or take comfort in responses you get on the boards when asking questions like the one you posed. There are very experienced people here but they're not doctors. Sorry to be so negative guys.



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