methyl 1-test and low back pain

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  1. i recently finished a 4 week cycle of m1t at 20 mg ed. what i observed was the first to weeks i gained weight 9 - 10 lbs with minimal strength gains . the third and forth week the weight gain tapered off and strength gain shot up greatly and im still gaining strength on my pct . i did have sides some lethargy on a few days nothing unbearable tho , back pains and muscle cramping and a low libido . but all in all it was more than worth it . by the way i was taking m1t by itself so i could credit everything to it . i stocked up on m1t and will definitely do more cycles . its hard for me to believe that one would not gain from this amazing compound . peace

  2. Quote Originally Posted by Rictor33
    I was taking methyl 1-test and 4-ad trans, but the bloat was pissing me off and making me look like a fat **** so i will just save that for later. The problem is I have this back pain in my lower-left region that at times is unbearable, I would be in accounting class struggling to pay attention due to the pain in my lower back. Is this a common side-effect? I know it is with dbol which is also methylated, is it due to stress on my liver? Could my liver be in danger? Should I get some milk thistle? I can't do bent over bb rows right now because the pain is so bad.
    if it is in your lower back then it could be your Kidneys or too much water.

  3. Is it just me or does this sound crazy. if your in that much pain stop what your doing and get checked out. Don't take chances with your organs man. You need to get your blood checked and see what's up. Typically when people have pains like your describing that means there is something not right going on. Don't take your health lightly and don't completely rely on or take comfort in responses you get on the boards when asking questions like the one you posed. There are very experienced people here but they're not doctors. Sorry to be so negative guys.




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