help with running 6-oxo

  1. help with running 6-oxo

    guys, i just finished an Ergo 1-AD cycle, 4 weeks, 400 mgs per day... ran the 1-ad strictly so i would keep my muscle while cutting...

    anyways, i have 1 bottle of 6-oxo (i know i should of got more)... how would you guys suggest running it... im starting it tomorrow... thinking of running it for 14 days like this:

    days 1-4: 600 mgs per day
    days 5-10: 400 mgs per day
    days 11-14: 300 mgs per day

    hows it look?

    please help! it is much appreciated!!!

  2. Man oh man. Do a search bro, before the mods see this.

  3. I know how Im supposed to run it if I have TWO bottles... but I only have one. That's my problem...

  4. Rush delivery of a bottle of 6oxo, or some liquid research clomid/nolva sounds like your best option. Start taking it like you would if you had two bottles and order asap so its arrived by the time the bottle is empty.

  5. Originally posted by 200lbs
    I know how Im supposed to run it if I have TWO bottles... but I only have one. That's my problem...
    I wouldn't waste my money on 2 bottles for a little 4 week cycle of 1-AD.  Run the 60X0 @ 300mgs/20 days.

  6. thank you NPursuit, I will do that...

    I did a small cycle, i didnt think i would need 2 bottles of 6-oxo....

  7. Hey bro, hate to bust your balls but have your post-cycle aids on hand next time, it just looks like you weren't too prepared or thoughtful about your post cycle. I don't know if you have access to Nolvadex, but if you can get it than I'd recommend it over 6-OXO

  8. Actually, its pretty embarrasing, I thought I had more than enough 6-oxo for post...

    I thought the 6-oxo bottle contained 60 pills at 300 mgs EACH...
    I really f*cked up.. found out it was 300 mgs per SERVING (3 pills) the day I opened the bottle (last day of my 1-AD cycle)...

    From the beginning I knew I didnt want Nolva or clomid... I wanted to try something else... I have done a test/deca cycle with clomid and nolva post... this time I wanted to do PH with 6-oxo post... i want to compare....

    thanks for your help guys... Im gonna go at 300 mgs per day, excluding the first day, which I am doing 300 mgs in morning, and 300 at night.



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