1 ad versus 1 test.........

  1. 1 ad versus 1 test.........

    In your opnion if both are taken orally, which is a better supplement 1 ad or 1 test. Oh yea and do they have equal side effects?

  2. Originally posted by noob
    In your opnion if both are taken orally, which is a better supplement 1 ad or 1 test. Oh yea and do they have equal side effects?
    1AD converts to 1 test. They are, for all intents and purposes, the same compound.

  3. yea I knew that I was gonna say that, I allways see people buyign 1 ad instead of 1 test and I wander......... I dunno just a thought of mine u would think 1 test would be more popular since 1 ad converts to 1 test

  4. the transdermal thing can get a little messy, so, some opt for oral.

  5. Originally posted by noob
    In your opnion if both are taken orally, which is a better supplement 1 ad or 1 test. Oh yea and do they have equal side effects?

    From BB.com

    <TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width="100%" border=0><B>C</B>haracteristics: <B>1-Testosterone</B> is a revolution in itself for the supplement industry, and with it we have entered the final leg to making supplements equally effective to steroids. Let's not kid ourselves here, some may wish to deny it, but 1-Test is an actual steroid. It's legal under the same act as prohormones, that indicates a steroidal nutrient can be sold legally if it is A) naturally occurring and B) not previously been pursued as a pharmaceutical. <B>T</B>he story started with the constant improvements in the area of prohormones, a weak form of steroids that needed to convert to an active form by way of (limited) bodily enzymes to an active substance such as nandrolone, testosterone, boldenone or DHT. All of them are very effective, but illegal hormones. Patrick Arnold, owner of Ergopharm and no doubt one of the prime movers in the prohormone industry, introduced a new prohormone some time back which he called 1AD. The active substance it converted to was a hormone most had never heard about, and he called it 1-testosterone. An aptly chosen name, since its basically similar to testosterone except instead of a 4,5-double bond, it has a 1,2-double bond. But the name has caused some confusion and perhaps kept a few people from seeing what the substance really was. <B>T</B>he absence of a 4,5-double bond and its replacement with 2 hydrogen atoms is something that occurs naturally in the body by way of an enzyme called 5-alpha-reductase. This is the same enzyme that makes DHT (Dihydro-testosterone) from testosterone. The resulting hormone is in all cases incapable of forming estrogen, allowing it to give a user smaller but much leaner gains, and add a look of hardness to the muscle for people with a relatively low body-fat. In most cases (nandrolone to dihydronandrolone being the exception) the new hormone is more androgenic. To sum up, it has reduced estrogenic and increased androgenic activity. This allows for increases in strength and aggression, reduction of body-fat, and a leaner look to the physique. If we replace the dihydro structure with a 4,5-double bond, then we would see that 1-testosterone is in fact a 5-alpha-reduced version of the hormone boldenone, a testosterone analog with an added 1,2-double bond that is characterized as being much milder than testosterone, both estrogenically and androgenically. Which would make 1-testosterone a non-aromatizing hormone, that is androgenically milder than DHT (less aggressive on hair loss and acne), but due to its altered structure is also much more active than DHT, which is readily deactivated. So Dihydro-boldenone would have been, at least from a structural viewpoint, a much better description. <B>I</B>n explaining what it does or how it works, some misconception has found its way into the reasoning. Again Patrick Arnold, who first likened its action to that of the steroid trenbolone (19-Nor-androsta-4,9,11-trien-3-one) lay at the base of these misconceptions. It lead most to believe we were dealing with an entirely new steroid. Fact of the matter is that 1-testosterone has been studied to a great extent and that perhaps the choice not to use it medically, at least in its original form, had other reasons. Such as for example its irritative properties. But 1-testosterone was most definitely used, albeit with one alteration : the attachment of a 1-methyl group. This alteration made it, according to the powers that be, an entirely different drug. But really this alteration has only one major impact : making it orally active. The drug in question is methenolone (primobolan). So one could, at least in terms of action, consider 1-testosterone a weak form of primobolan. Due to its lack of oral activity it is only delivered in the blood at around 14% as opposed to the much higher percentage obtained with a 1-methylation. If you know that primobolan is generally taken in 100-150 mg doses daily, then it won't surprise you that oral doses of 1-test are in the neighbourhood of at least 300 mg and probably should be higher. <B>S</B>o reasonably what one can expect from the use of 1-testosterone is moderate to good gains, which can probably be enhanced with the addition of an aromatizing prohormone. Usually the product will impart a harder, denser, perhaps even leaner physique on its user while never disappointing the gains it provides. Since, at least legally, it's the most potent thing for muscle growth apart from food. The user should be aware however that this is a steroid, which can never be used for more than 6-8 weeks on end, without an equally long or longer period off, because it will suppress natural testosterone secretion in the body. It's also advised that you have a good grasp of nutrition prior to using any product of this kind. This is not only imperative in achieving the maximum in terms of size, but also in keeping that size during the post-cycle period of depressed natural testosterone levels. <B>F</B>or all intents and purposes, 1-testosterone is a breakthrough in legal supplementation, a gateway to a new era. And already the work has progressed at an amazing pace to make 1-test as available as its analog, primobolan, in order to create a genuine legal steroid with the potency of an illegal steroid. Higher Power, Avant Labs, and Molecular Nutrition are three companies that have already made drastic steps towards achieving that. This is the supplement of the future!



    <TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width="100%" border=0><B>T</B>his is just a little bonus addition. I don't have enough data on this yet to make an accurate assumption, so most of what I'm saying here is based on product info, information obtained from Patrick Arnold, who made the stuff, and independent research. As for concrete information, I'm looking to test the product thoroughly near the end of summer and will keep meticulous records of my progress, including gains in size and strength, my diet at the time and any possible side effects I may encounter. &nbsp;&nbsp;1-AD is an oral only compound that converts to a different target hormone altogether, namely 1-testosterone. Early dataš suggests that 1-testosterone is 700% more anabolic than testosterone. How that translates in real world terms is yet to be determined. From the testimonials (they are limited) I've read the gains are slightly better than those of Nor-diol, so that would be a significant improvement, though not quite as high as the percentage might suggest. There was an initial dione version, but I believe that has been pulled and all 1AD currently available is diol. Again that means no estrogenic conversion prior, but none post-conversion either because 1-test doesn't aromatize. It's a derivative of the androgenic compound DHT, meaning that it has already undergone 5-alpha-reductase and cannot under any circumstances form estrogen. <B>T</B>he androgenicity is still very much an issue. It can convert to DHT via a different pathway (I should say convert back) but it's not known to what extent or what effects it has. So far no one has reported any serious side effects in this nature, but neither has there been any rigorous large-scale testing. The jury is still out on what this means to people who are at risk for things like prostate enlargement and hair loss. Since it is extremely androgenic in other ways as well, this is one aspect that will need further digging to get to the bottom of. I fear this may be the weakness of 1AD. <B>O</B>ral activity is a great plus. To date orals are the only form that allow serious stacking and proper use of prohormones (more on that later). On the downside a lot of it doesn't survive the liver which makes us toss away a large amount of money spent on prohormones, because the yield is rather low. 1AD may have solved that problem. In steroids people make things 17-alkalated to survive the liver, but in return this increases liver toxicity severely. But a double bond in the one position (hence the name 1-testosterone) ensures a greater amount surviving without the risk of liver toxicity. Chemically you can liken it to the steroid primobolan, which is the same structurally except for an extra methyl-group but also has the double bond in the one position. It functions much in the same way. Making this perhaps the most potent oral prohormone to date. I would estimate oral activity to be in the neighborhood of 30%. That means even relatively small doses can exert decent effects, which will no doubt make up for its preposterous price. <B>I</B>n effects 1-test has been likened more often to Halotestin and trenbolone than Primobolan, qualitatively speaking. I did some research on this and this would mean that most of the gains are lean mass (not huge mass increases, then losing most) making it great to use even when cutting (though obviously the gains will be a lot smaller) and that the amount of water and fat weight is significantly reduced because there is no estrogen effect whatsoever. So blowing up like a balloon is out of the question, which isn't so visually satisfying, but it gets you harder and the gains are for real. That has to count for something. Halotestin is 17-alkalated by the way, so if you go researching don't be frightened by the enormous liver toxicity of Halostestin as I was, since 1AD is not 17-alkalated. <B>S</B>ince info on 1-testosterone is fairly scarce and hard to find, I did some more research on trenbolone in the specific steroid milieu (several websites, a few experienced users and a special shout-out to La Fetarde of our very own steroid boards for the info) and found that the common belief is that it is best stacked with a non-androgen for best results. Meaning that if you were thinking of stacking this, moderate doses (standard 300 to 600 mg) would be best used with Nor-diol, but if you were thinking of doing a serious stack (expensive, 900-1200 mg), you may want to consider 19Nor instead so there is no competition for enzymes. <B>T</B>here has been some talk of using 1AD as a pre-contest hardener as even users who were dieting and experienced very little gains boasted some impressive physiques nonetheless. <B>T</B>he major downsides to 1AD: physiologically the only side-effect reported so far is a loss of libido, to which Patrick Arnold himself replied that it may best be stacked with 4-diol if this worries you (or you have an insatiable girlfriend like me).


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