I came across "Methyl V-Test By Body Fortress" while checking prices on some hormonal supps. I have never heard of this product and was wondering if anyone has ever tried it. The only information I have been able to find is:

"A combo of three of the most powerful supplements on the market; Superdrol, Pheraplex and Tren along with DHB to increase longevity and bioavailability. Liver support is also added to the formula. Compare to Testanate 50 and SAVE!!
60cap bottle, servings size is 1 pill
2a, 17a-dimethyl-5a-supplementstane-3-one-17a-ol
19-norandrosta-4, 9-diene-3, 17-dione
Phera Plex, Superdrol and Tren (PH).

Along with DHB (Bergamotten) which helps with asymilation of the PH making it more effective.
It also has a nice Liver Support combination. Very potent and effective product.

"That's 52.5 mg per cap,(Compared to only 50mg in Testanate 50) Tren 30 mg, Sd 10 mg and PP 12.5. There is a substantial Liver Support 300mg and Bergamottin (DHB) 25 mgs. Feed back on it has been off the hook with no bad side effects. Recommendation is to take for a month and then get on a good PCT. Haven't heard of anyone gaining less than 10lbs." "

Im no chemist, but is this safe? If I did try this, what sort of PCT should I run after? Any information would be helpful. I tried searching the forum, but the search engine didn't like me.