Blood Test

  1. Blood Test

    Ok so I got back from Iraq in August. Well I never went and gotmy post deployment lab work done. So they are going to draw blood on Thursday. My question is pretty basic, is Methyl1-test going to show up as a steroid on it? Or will I get by since it is a brand new compound? What do you guys think?

  2. ?? I don't believe 1-test shows up as a banned steroid yet in std blood tests. m-1-t should be the same...

  3. That is what I was thinking too. I was just wanting to find out, in case the OSI guys come questioning me, after my results come back. I need to start thinking of **** to say now.

  4. Just reply "It's because I have balls of steel, Sir! These balls of steel produce an above average amount of 1-testostrone so that I can better serve the United States Military in her hour of need, Sir!"

  5. ****, I wish it went that way. But luckily I am usually called sir, however the OSI is the federal agents of the Air Force, kind of like Internal affairs of a police department, they just look for stuff to bust you on. But I think I will be fine.

  6. lol
    Check out the other threads on drug testing 1-test, many other people have got the same questions. If you are still worried, why don't you quit your cycle(not sure if you're still on) for a week before the test??

  7. you will be ok. it wont show up as anything... they will have to be looking for 1-test ..which i seriously doubt

  8. sifu i'm in the air force and just had a random urinalys after 1mo on t1pro then 1week of 20mg m1t and i did 2 days of 30mg m1t and then popped for a random urinalys. i wrote down i'm taking 4ad and 1test, i hope it turns out well or i'll be talking to OSI also


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