i am18 days off a power lgp 1-t cycle. i added 5 grams of 3-alpha to each of my 2 bottles. i put on 10ml(split into 2 5ml doses) a day. post cycle i'm using formasin, tribex 500, and humanovar caps. how long until should i be off before i can try my methyl 1 test. my sex drive is good. on the cycle my nads did'nt shrink much. they are back to normal size. i know these are not true indicators but i want to try my new stuff. also anyone legal gear going to have any other methyl products. chemo keeps saying in his posts that m1t should be stacked with something that aromatizes. any suggestions on an oral time released products. due to crazy work hours i can't always time my transdermal applications properly. i know it's a bad word around here but maybe VPX 4ad.