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  1. Cool GH Precursor

    I've read abit about it somewhere, just can't recall which of the many boards I troll where I saw it.. Here's the ad from universalkits about it..

    P-GH Is the most effective way to raise growth hormone levels in the body at a fraction of the cost of growth hormone therapy and proven to raise levels higher. How is this possible you ask? Simple........ P-GH is a blend of amino acid growth hormone peptide bonds; 4-amino butyric acid (GABA), 7-amino-8-hydroxbutyric acid (GABOB), acetylglutamine. Studies have proven that Gama Amino Butric Acid alone dramatically increases growth hormone production in the pituitary gland and higher levels of growth hormone over a prolonged period like 6-12 months will produce a significant increase in lean muscle mass and decrease body fat. Growth hormone has been called the fountain of youth and promotes well being. It is the higher levels of growth hormone that allow a small boy to grow into a man gaining height and weight in the teen years. Growth hormone therapy on the average can cost $1200.00 a month and more!


    Anyone know any more on this? I'm gonna search for the original thread I read, and do the ol' C&P back in this one..

  2. Posted by GymChic, originally posted by Mr. Universe

    Here's a C&P for ya... Original link is at the bottom..

    This product is not GH but a precursor amino peptide bond that raises levels as well if not better.

    There are no surprises with this product. Its ingredients are (Amino acid growth hormone peptide bonds; 4-aminobutyric acid (GABA), 7-amino-8-hydroxbutyric acid (GABOB), acetylglutamine). Now if the ingredients are slightly vague, it is because we do not want to give away everything about what makes this product unique. GABA is the main ingredient in this formulation and it is proven to raise GH levels. Normally a dose of GABA alone is about 1 gram a day taken orally resulting in similar side effects when taken and people have been getting great results with it alone. Our product comes with three 10ml vials with less than 1 gram of time released GABA in each of them and you add 10ml sterile water to that. Remember a normal dose of regular GABA is about half a teaspoon (1 gram). A dose of our product is .25-.50ml (depending on your reaction a lower dose may be desired at first) twice a day so an entire kit containing less than 3 grams of GABA
    will last you 30-60 days. The results from this formulation are what got us to carry it and push it as hard as we are. I have only met one person, the original Ginny Pig and he is in his 50's (in another post I claimed he was in his 40's but stand corrected) he has been competing for years and never seen striations in his quads and for the first time has striations on his quads. He is crazy about this stuff and this girl who supposedly just got her pro card dropped over a % in BF already freaky lean. Now I haven't met her but I've seen pictures although that wasn't enough to get us to sell a product no one has ever heard of. So
    I tried it and for the 6 months prior to taking it I felt like crap, had
    been going to the gym at 6:30 - 7am 4 days a week and now couldn't get out of bed before 8:30 if the house was burning down. All I had been told about the P-GH was that this guy and this girl got real lean and loved the stuff so I didn't have any immediate expectations. Two days out one morning I woke up at 6am so alert I got nervous........ I felt so alert it was weird. I jumped out of bed and felt like I wanted to run around the block and have felt the same ever since, real sharp. So far everyone who has tried it has said the same thing, you feel awesome,
    everything I hear GH is supposed to be. I haven't been on long enough to realize the BF decrease but have seen some development I have never seen in my delts and traps........ So who knows? We are carrying this product because of the level of excitement we have seen in others, given away over 50 kits and not received one bad response and I personally have experienced something I have never in my 17 years of research and experimentation with supplements and let's just say other stuff. We have based the price on our cost and when our cost drops so will the retail price, it's the process used to make it that makes it so expensive I am told. This is the most unique product I have ever tried and if it works for everybody the way I think it will AWESOME! If not then we won't sell it. Wait for the hard evidence if you want and then buy it or wait for the price to come down. I believe in the product and so do a lot of other people.

    P-GH info

  3. S

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  4. Hey, it's cheaper than IGF-1 LR3..

    I'm tryin' to find a good post-cycle anti-catabolic, just throwin' out options.. If not, I can always get Humalog..

  5. goto

    and goto their store

  6. " Although theoretically this product may be injected due to it's purity, it is illegal to sell any products OTC for intramuscular injection. Please do not use IM. The manufacturers will not be held respo..........


    if your like me basically you stopped reading right at this point

    " Although theoretically this product may be injected *


    Best results will always come with the best method of delivery

  7. Indeed!

    Thanks for the link, Tom.. I'm a member at CEM, I'll check it out..

  8. GABA is commonly used for ADD as well. I dont remember why right off hand but I cant keep it in stock where I work.

  9. Pete if you want something that's anti catabolic why not just use clen. It's will prevent any muscle wasting and lowering bf. It's great for post cycle to retain gains.

  10. anybody know about the "omnivex" sold on the (the website referenced above)
    seems like alot of different things they put in there

  11. No idea on the Omnivex, brother..

  12. Want something anti-catabolic post cycle? Try a topical 7-keto. Worked great for me. Reduces cortisol, enhances thyroid for those post cycle cals, and is a nutrient partitioner.
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  13. My girlfriend ordered the FL7 for me, but I'm just hooked on dartin'..


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