Power LGP 1-T vs. LGP 1-T HydroxyTest...help

  1. Power LGP 1-T vs. LGP 1-T HydroxyTest...help

    I am in a huge dilmema as to which product to purchase. Im 22, and this is my first PH cycle. I have heard, and read that the OHT can help minimize androgenic effects and minimize sides. Everywhere I read, OHT is pimped as an awesome addition to the old formula. That being said the LGP 1-T HydroxyTest seems like the obvious choice.

    However, since this is my first cycle, would the Power LGP 1-T be more appropriate, afterall it is cheaper. It has 3g more 1-T but without OHT, so I would be a bit more afraoid of the estrogenic sides associated with this one.

    My question is, all in all, which product of the 2 would you recommend to a beginning PH user, taking everything in to account from money to side effects? Any help would be very much appreciated right now. Thanks

  2. I think the 1-T is your choice. Start with 1 squirt, twice a day. You will get incredible gains on your first cycle, this dosage will be plenty. Any more will just raise your tolerance for future cycles. If diet & training are in check, you can expect 10-15 lbs gain on a 6-week cycle. Use nolva or clomid for post cycle. 6-oxo is not near as effective. You can always try OHT next time around, to see if you even notice the difference of the OHT.

    I am currently on a homebrew of 5g 1-test, 5g 4AD, 4g OHT. I just started 2 days ago, so I can't speak of gains yet. This is my 3rd PH cycle, I have stuck to 1-test/1-AD stacked with 4AD on past cycles.

  3. Thanks alot, thats exactly the type of responses Im looking for. I am leaning now towards the Power 1-T. Anyone other opinions or suggestions out there?

    BTW i have plenty Nolvadex and Clomid for post cycle recovery.

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