Shelf life of Methyl 1-Test

  1. Shelf life of Methyl 1-Test

    Anyone know what's the shelf life for Methyl 1-Test ? I need to stock up on as if it were water near Y2K, but I would wanna have a bunch of Methyl 1-Test go rancid, that would be a waste of someone's muscle. Thanks.

  2. theres an expiration date on the back of the bottle when you get it.. i think mine said 2005

  3. Cortez, your avatar is sweeeet. I think i'm getting wood (prolly from all the test i'm taking).

  4. Originally posted by sikdogg
    Cortez, your avatar is sweeeet. I think i'm getting wood (prolly from all the test i'm taking).
    Yeah don`t it make you feel like your 16 again, a woody out of control.

  5. lol thanks man. lol i like it too

  6. My bottle says it expires 08/05


  7. I know the bottle has an experation date, but I believe someone else on the board said they took some AAS that were past their experiation date and they didnt loose that much potency. I can't remember the specifics but I remember seeing it, coulda been BS though

  8. Even though the expiration date on the bottle says 2005 it will most likely remain viable for several more years beyond that.


  9. Thanks to all of you, that was very helpful and makes my decision much easier.

  10. Like the guy at Ergopharm told me......just because a non-liquid pill form supp reaches its expiration date it doesn't disintigrate like a tape from Mission Impossible. He said their product would still be at 80% strength 3 years after the date.


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