sharps disposal thing

  1. sharps disposal thing

    can I just pick on up from the local pharmacy or something?

    i didnt think to order one and I dont want to pay 5 dollars shipping on a 4$ order

  2. Most pharmacies do carry them OTC.. I got 3 from the CVS up the street from me, only $4 each..

  3. Or you could just put some plaster of paris in a jar (1/2 full), throw in sharps, then fill with water when it's 3/4 full and let it sit for ten minutes, then throw away.

  4. An empty protein container will work good also!

  5. is you buy the actual biohazard sharp disposal container, where do you guys take it to get thrown away, or do you just throw it in a trash bag and put it out w/ the rest of your trash...or go around til you find a huge dumpster and throw it in there....*shrugs*....I can't think of any other way to deal with it, but the plaster of paris idea sounds pretty good

  6. IF you do the sharpest container.. just drop it off at the local hospital.. most will take them.. but I would ask before I buy one.. just me

  7. This is what I would do... take your pins off the syringe and then pull out the plunger. Put the pins, needle up, into the housing of the syringe and put the plunger back in. No sharpies...


  8. put some plaster in bottom of protein jug then add pin with caps on. then add more plaster fill with water as described. let settle and harden then glue lid onto top and dispose.

    or take pins to a drop off some cities have these. people do have to get rid of insulin pins, gh pins, and hrt pins.


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