Test Prop

  1. Test Prop

    Well now that I have finished my Test Base in Oil (TNE) experiment

    ( I did this with the NaOH and Synovex pellets as described on another post on this board and my cows loved it.)

    I am now moving on to Test Prop from Synovex.
    I heard mention of a product called Sodium tert-butoxide to use in place of NaOH.
    Any one got any ideas what the amount or concentration of this product should be?

  2. No idea, but i'm dying to know myself. If you find out, please post the info, it would be greatly appreciated.

  3. It's been posted on this forum at least 3 times to my knowledge. Of course, that does not make it any easier to dig up through the 100 search return results.

    Unless you have access to chemical supply (no, internet sources won't cut it) don't bother with using t-Butoxide for this reaction. To keep it simple, go to http://eagleresearch.biz/ and get their estrogen solubizer kit.


  4. Or you can just go and pick up some test prop powder. It's cheap to start so why convert syno?

  5. No joke Jminis.. I like taking the easier way myself..

  6. MattD you know whatsup bro,

  7. Thanks for the feedback.

    I have communicated with Dazed personally on this issue and he is considering not shipping to Canada for certain reasons, I respect his decision.

    This leaves us kinda on our own with getting test prop for our cows north of the border.

    That's why I got my hopes up when I heard of the t-Butoxide possibly doing exactally what Dazed kit would do.

    This chemical may be our only option.


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