Muscle soreness while on Epistane

  1. Muscle soreness while on Epistane

    Just wondering if anyone has experienced this.... I'm about to end my 4 week cycle (30,30,40,50) Epi cycle and I have noticed in my 3rd week I've been waking up during the night with sore shoulders and a upper back. This only happens if i wake up on my stomach and my arms under my pillow.... When I turn over on my back, I have to move slow and stretch a little before I feel fine.... This has happened every night for the past week and a half.... Maybe I need to stretch more?.... I'm also up 11 lbs.

  2. you lifting PR's? especially on deads?

  3. If you mean muscle soreness (DOMS), then yes. When I ran Epistane I was extra sore the next day for some reason (even though training/diet didn't change)

  4. Sure sounds like DOMS if it get worse have it checked out
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