Anyone do low dose epithio?

  1. Anyone do low dose epithio?

    Like 10mg or 10mg eod? I realize the toxicity level wouldn't change but there would be less of it in the body obviously.

    your thougts?

  2. Why not just pulse it at a higher dose? I would think that low of a dose wouldn't do much as far as anabolic effects go, I didn't see much when I pulsed until I increased to 30mg.

  3. I have same Epi leftovers from my last cycle. I plan on using them in a 4wk pulse M, M, F, 20mg, 20mg, 20mg stacked with M-stack and followed by 3wks inhibit-e 20, 10, 10, as a short PCT.

    I don't expect to see any big gains off the Epi but it should at least give me a nice workout boost. I doubt you will feel much going with 10mg.


  4. i have been toyin with this idea for awhile now. I think with how epithios boost LH at lower doses you could take with first meal and workout soon after and use it as a test booster. It is already said that some test boosters suppress HPTA to a slight extent im not sure a low dose epi on workout days would be any different. Im sure it would give a nice libido boost. 10mg isnt much at all to see real noticable gains but it is still an active steroid so i think that it will help gains beyond natty. I was going to try this out but wasnt sure when. If i do i will def. post my experiences here.

  5. How does it boost LH, from its ai properties? And I wonder if it boosts LH enough to warrant the natty T suppression?



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