I want to hear who's keeping gains on M-1-T??

  1. I want to hear who's keeping gains on M-1-T??

    for those of you who has completed cycles of M-1-T, and have been off for a few weeks, what kind of gains did you keep? I keep reading about everyone gaining 7,8 or 10lbs in two weeks, but how much are you retaining 2-4 weeks after being off of it? anyone?

  2. I think it is lavethor or something like that, who has been off a while now. Give him a pm. The rest of us are still in cycle except for Bobo, but he is on something else now I believe.

  3. isnt it lakevillethor or something?

  4. Ya that's it.

  5. Here's a thread for you: http://forum.anabolicminds.com/showt...=&post****77159

    Quick summary...gained 12 pounds over 2 weeks of use. 8 days post cycle and currently at 11 pounds.


  6. I used it for 2 weeks 20mg a day and saw a 5 lb increase in bodyweight. I still have the weight but i also went straight to a prop cycle and ive gained another 7 so far. Next run w/ M1T will definitely be a cutter. I think it has much more potential, at least for me, as a cutting drug (to maintain muscle mass) while dropping fat. But it seems to me most people are getting quality gains and keeping the majority of them.


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