liqua-sol...did i make a mistake???

  1. liqua-sol...did i make a mistake???

    hey I put in an order at liqua-solutions for my clomid about a week ago and still havn't received it or had any luck in the email dept. I heard that some of you guys were having problems with them and I was wondering....did I get screwed? should I order from another place? I am really psyched to start my cycle but not about to without my pct in hand.

  2. anybody have any thoughts?

  3. From what i read on other boards. Great prices, but ****ty customer service and shipping. Everyone eventually recieved their order. I would rather pay 10 bux more at say LG just for their customer service they provide. I know it does'nt help you. So why did i post hmmmm... not sure sorry :|

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