Sportsbro's Test Enanthate/Anadrol cycle log

  1. Sportsbro's Test Enanthate/Anadrol cycle log

    I LOVE cycle time!
    heres the run down....
    iv been done with PCT from last cycle(6 week prop/tren) for about a month (2 months since end of cycle). this will be a 12 week cycle.

    week one 750mg test a week, 25mg anadrol ed
    week two-four 500mg test a week, 25mg ed
    week five-twelve 500mg test a week

    nolva 40/20/20
    post cycle support

    other supps used throughout cycle...
    animal flex
    animal pack
    karbolyn (pre and post work out)
    isopure rtd (post workout)
    truemass (before bed)
    creatine mono

    starting stats
    10 %bf

  2. o ... i will also be using receptor by LG science during cycle

  3. Doesnt seem to me like you took nearly enough time off between cycles.

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