PS's, AAS and Deprenyl

  1. PS's, AAS and Deprenyl

    Has anyone here used Selegiline (Deprenyl, Eldepryl, Emsam) with PS's or other AAS? I got a script for it yesterday and I'm wondering what effects, if any it would have combined with the popular PS's and AAS. I know most of the PS's warn not to use with an MAOI, but Dep is a selective MAOI (B) and I'm only going to be taking 5mg or less a day and don't have to worry about most of the common MAOI interactions (cheese, wine, tyramine etc.). I also don't want to be totally careless. Thanks in advance!

  2. What's your age? And why was deprenyl prescribed?

  3. Age 27. Prescribed for mild depression. I do not respond at all to any SSRI's.

  4. anyone?

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