Gunea Pig

  1. Gunea Pig

    Alright then.... I have no qualms about being the gunea pig for this "relatively safe" experiment....

    Because of the controversy on this post:****9709

    I've decided to go ahead and see where a 50 day/20 mgs per day cycle of var will take me and whether or not it supresses natural testosterone production... Wish me luck.

    I haven't yet decided if I'm going to take Clen with it or not... I am open to suggestions.

    I'm starting out at 5'11", 210, approx. 10% body fat... I believe a moderate goal to set for myself is a gain in 10 lbs of lean body mass and a reduction in body fat... let's say 2% loss.

    *Good thing I have some nolva and clomid on hand... Just to be on the safe side *

  2. Damn bro, only 20mg a day var and you wanna keep 10 lean lbs and lower body fat I'd say you're gonna have a hell of a time doing that with just var bro, especially only 20mg a day. Not to rain on your parade, i'd suggest throwing in some test in there and just use the var to jump start the cycle if you're set on var. Anavar is not a very powerfull AAS. Good luck, and keep us posted.

  3. It's not what you think bro...

    I want to see if anavar will supress my natural test production... There seems to be some confusion as to whether it does or not.
    (Sounds silly dosen't it?)

    I'm not really considering this a full cycle... In fact I've never done a real cycle before..

    I've recently began lifting weights (about 8 months ago) again after a year off and I've been making great gains without AAS. (In the last 8 months I've gone from 175 to 210)

    you wanna keep 10 lean lbs and lower body fat
    I'm guessing that I gain about 2 1/2 pounds a month so I figure that with the additional advantage of anavar I should double that...
    Thats where I got the 10 lbs from. The clen should help me to loose bodyfat.

    I think you deffineitely have a point though... 20 mgs is very low..
    Perhaps I should up it to 25 or maybe 30 mgs....

    Not to rain on your parade,....
    It's all good bro! I appreciate you taking the time to read the post and giving me advice.

  4. By the way Kitchen Chemist....

    What do think is the best way to convert a gram of anavar powder to useable form?

    I haven't made mine yet, but I just got some 151 (They don't sale everclear here.) and was planning on mixing it with the var and boiling it all for a while....

    Any suggestions?

  5. 20mg/ml and put in everclear. Heat to dissolve, you may need to reheat everyone once and awhile if it falls out of solution.

  6. Do you think 151 Bicardi will work? They don't sale everclear out here.

  7. Yes, i know of a couple guys that used it and it worked, there powder was only 60 percent or so pure. I use 85% rum and it works fine.

  8. Thanks for the info bro...
    One more question... being that the purest anvar powders of late have been cut by at least 30%... what dosage do you think would be best for results?... I have 2 grams. (eg. 25mgs, 30mgs, 40mgs)

    Also, when is the best time to take it... pre-work-out? Morning or before bed?

    Thanks in advance.


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