question about cycle length

  1. question about cycle length

    Hey everyone my name is zach im new to the boards. I have come here to learn and build upon the knowledge I already have of muscle and fitness. A little about myself I am a 23 year old college student with about 7-8 years training experience since I was a freshman/sophomore in high school until now I trained relatively consistently. I weigh about 193 lbs and stand 5' 9 ...5'10. I am certified by NASM as a personal trainer. I hope I can learn a lot here and I hope I can share my current knowledge with you.

    My first question has do with spreading out doses with test e. Would it be potentially be better to for a beginner (younger then me) who had a total of 5000mg(yes not much) to have a e4d split for ten weeks or a e5d split for 12 weeks? Which would yield better permeant gains? This person is pretty set on frontloading with double the dose for the first week either way. The math comes out to about 437.5 mg per week for 10 week e4d split and 354mg per week on the e5d 12 week split.

  2. i would do 250mg monday and thursday, no need to frontload, if he wants the quick strength and weight, Dbol for first 4 weeks.

    i like the idea of monday thursday pinning split, because

    i train monday tuesday take off wed and then thursday friday, take off week ends.

    just make sure your "friend" has PCT

  3. Frontloading isnt going to make the ester release quicker...its only going to oversaturate the recptors when it does. The frequency of the injects is solely dependant upon what type of chemical used. There is an ester attached to the chemical chain to determine how long it takes for it to release. Some are really quick, and some are really slow. If you take something that releases really quick, you obviously need to inject more frequently, sometimes ED or EOD...If its someting that releases slower, you can get by with fewer injections, sometimes just once a week.

    If you just map out injects irrespective of your chemical, not only will you not get good results, you'll also increase your chances of sides due to the swinging of your blood concentrations.


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