About M 1-T Lethargy.......

  1. About M 1-T Lethargy.......

    I was thinking about this today. Over half the people reporting on usage say they are very lethargic for several hours after taking M 1-T. In fact, other than a few people experiencing cramping, the lethargy appears to be the only significant side effect. Thank God no one is reporting massive hair loss, gyno, etc.

    So I was thinking (and I have tremendous insomnia these days because I'm on Ephedrine and Yohimbe), why doesn't anyone just take their full daily dose of M 1-T at bedtime.........If you get lethargic, so what.

    It seems so simple, so whack me with a hammer if I'm being stupid, but shouldn't this alleviate the problem somewhat? By the time you get up, you are well into the half-life of the dose taken the night before.

    OK, flame on

  2. i'm lethargic throughout the day...not just after i take it

  3. But doesn't the lethargy decrease as you go through the day? That's what most say.

  4. I had been contemplating this too Skark. It seems like a lot of people have the low grade lethargy for most of the day BUT some people seem to really crash several hours after dosing so I was also wondering if they should time the dose around saaay dinner then crash into bed.

    Any thoughts from our ginuea pigs?

  5. I too have been thinking about an evening dosage and how it would affect the lethargy, has anyone tried this or any thoughts.

  6. I read about one user on the Avant board taking half of his allotted 20mg daily dosage later on in the evening, and having problems with insomnia as a result. The bedtime dosing sounds good in theory, unless of course it's going to mess with your sleep that is.

  7. Probably depends on the whole elevated blood pressure thing. If you have medium to high blood pressure its probably going to keep you up. I typically have low BP so it'll be interesting to see what happens with my cycle in November.

    I'll be hulking out on M1T and Turkey woohoo!

  8. I take 10mg in the morning then again in the afternoon. I have experianced no lethargy at all. If anything I walk around feeling jacked all the time, and plenty of energy.


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