Brian 5225's new M1T log

  1. Brian 5225's new M1T log

    Well, I know I will get flamed for running M1T but hey, I've been wanting to run this for a long time now. I'm currently in the process of trying to get some 4AD for sides, we'll see how that goes. I'm planning about a 3 weeker. I haven't got dosages and everything worked out yet, I gotta sit down with a pen and paper and get it all down. But as you all know me, I will be using Clomid and Nolva for PCT, Milk thistle pre-load, fish oils all the way through, hawthorn berry, and my general support supps. Just trying to get this log started so I can get everyone aboard now! I'll be starting in about 2-4 weeks.

  2. I was gonna take it. I have all that you mentioned for PCT, but everyone came down on me like a ton of bricks.

  3. Does anyone have any input on what dosages should be run for the 4AD?

  4. B5150 or Dsade probably can give ya some good information.

  5. B5150 will probably just try to talk me out of it. I'm just not very familiar with the andro products, so I don't really know the difference between 4ad, or nordiol or any of those types.



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