Tren/Phera Log

  1. Tren/Phera Log

    Whats up everyone,
    I have been training for a year now, and this will be my third cycle, (ran tren and SD before). I am currently 5' 9'', 173lbs 11%BF. I hope to put on 15 pounds of mostly muscle with this cycle.

    So, I'll be running Fast Action Pharma MD1T for Four weeks, (possibly three depending on the sides).

    Week One/Two:
    20mg phera
    50mg tren
    1000mg Milk Thistle
    2000mg Flax Seed Oil
    500mg Hawthorne Berry
    1000mg L-argine akg
    GNC Multi-V

    Week Three/Possibly Four:
    30mg phera
    75mg tren
    1000mg Milk Thistle
    2000mg Flax Seed Oil
    1000mg L-argine akg
    500mg Hawthorne Berry
    GNC Multi-V

    PCT Week One/Two:
    Nolvadex 30mg
    Clomid 100mg
    6-oxo 600mg
    Tribulus 1250mg
    Milk Thistle 1250mg
    GNC Multi-V
    CEE 5mg

    PCT Week Three/Four:
    Nolvadex 10mg
    Clomid 50mg
    6-oxo 300mg
    Tribulus 1250mg
    Milk Thistle 1000mg
    GNC Multi-V
    CEE 5mg

    4 day split:
    Mon: Chest, Triceps
    BB Bench Press: 6,8,10,12
    Incline BB Bench Press: 6,8,10,12
    Cable Fly: 10,12,12
    Cabel Cross-over: 10,12,12
    Tricep press down: 10,12,12
    Overhead Extension: 10,12,12

    Tues: Back, Biceps
    Deadlift: 12,10,8,6
    Lat pull down: 6,8,10,12
    Reverse grip pull down: 6,8,10,12
    Bent over dumbbell row: 10,12,12
    Close grip row: 10,12,12
    Dumbbell curl: 10,12,12
    Cable preacher curl: 10,12,12

    Wed: REST!!

    Thurs: Delts, Traps, abs
    Overhead BB Press: 6,8,10,12
    Upright Row: 6,8,10,12
    Lateral Raise: 10,12,12
    Bent Over Lateral Raise: 10,12,12
    Dumbbell Shrug: 10,12,
    Hammer Strength Shrug: 10,12
    Decline Crunch:12,12,12
    Double Crunch: 15,15,15

    Fri: Legs, calves
    BB Squat: 6,10,12,12
    Hack Squat: 10,12,12
    Leg Press: 6,8,8
    Leg Extension: 10,12,12
    Leg Curl:10,12,12
    Seated Calf Raise: 8,10,12
    Donkey Calf Raise: 10,12,12

    This will all be in conjunction with average of 4000 calories distributed 40/40/20 (protein/carbs/fat), divided into 7 meals. I'm aiming for 2.25g of protein/lbs for maximum muscle gains.
    I'll be checkin' in each week with updated stats..

    any input..somethin i forgot?..feel free to comment..

  2. Looks pretty good be sure to preload the hawthorne berry for 2 weeks before you start the cycle. Best of luck bro.
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  3. IMHO, I would run the EFA's all the way through PCT. They would help with getting your cholesterol where it should be.

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