Does the stomach bloat with size?

  1. pdigs
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    Does the stomach bloat with size?

    My stomach seems to be "bulking out" a bit... the abs are still there, but when i wear a t-shirt tucked in sometimes it can look like i have a belly. ive recently gained like 10-15lbs on a couple ph cycles, but its been a month and pct is over. so does your stomach bulk out no matter what when u gain weight?

  2. Unbreakable
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    When you gain a portion of that weight as VAT it will.

  3. Had the same experience, after I stopped eating over maintenece it subsided.

  4. agreed once you cut down on those complex carbs your stomach bloat will go down, and if it is really uncomfortable get some stoll softeneer and flush urself out, that may be the culprate.

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