Injection Schedule Help Please

  1. Injection Schedule Help Please

    I'm currently on a Sunday morning, Wednesday night injection schedule, 250mg Test blend each time.

    I'm scheduled to inject this coming Sunday AM, but I"m flying out on business Tuesday AM, and carrying gear with me is not an option. I'll be back Friday mid-day.

    Question is, can I bump my injection back to Saturday morning, then pin again Tuesday AM before I leave, then pick it up again the following Sunday AM?

    Any adverse effects there?

    Thanks guys.

  2. Anyone?

  3. its fine, there shouldnt be any problems.

    i was doing sun/wed and a couple weeks in i switched to mon/thurs cause it was more convenient. no problems

  4. Thats fine...its not rocket science...the whole point behind splitting your injects is to keep your blood levels stable....a day or two will not cause your levels to plummett...


  5. Glad I found this post. could the same be said for Test Cyp?

  6. Quote Originally Posted by jaysouth2000 View Post
    Glad I found this post. could the same be said for Test Cyp?

  7. Its your world dog, do what you have to. Take the shots when you can squeeze them in.
    It's hard to concentrate when I can hear your thoughts.

  8. nothing bad will happen. wont even notice anything different.


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