To all the experienced 1-Test users

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  1. Originally posted by sage
    LG, didnt know you were so a freak

    Yeah I'm a freak..........Freak of NATURE  


    Read This Book!!: Anabolic Steroids and the Athlete by William N. Taylor M.D.

  2. Sage: Yah, I'm a long-hair sportin metalhead, I know how much I "shed" in a given day right now (completly pre-prohormones), and I'll be keeping close close watch on it. As of right now, I'll bail on the prohormones and keep the hair but from what I've read, I'm not very worried at all.

    Lifeguard: yeup... you are a freak (just wanted to add my .005 cents )


  3. Keep in mind that hair that falls off as a result of excess DHT in the system is lost permanently.

  4. thats true sean. but even so, even hair lost for a minute for me is a tragedy. (ha) even for a minute. (im a girl when it comes to the way my hair looks....just thought i would share and make myself look fruity)

  5. Thank God my bloodline isn't prone to male pattern baldness.

  6. Loss of libido. That was the only real side effect that I had. It was awful.


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