Torem/reversitol to boost test/reduce gyno

  1. Torem/reversitol to boost test/reduce gyno

    I have decided to do a cycle of Toremifene and Reversitol by I force in hopes to boost my Natural test and reduce some of my gyno.
    The cycle will look like this:

    days 1-10 90mg Torem/ 3 reversitol
    days 11-20 60mg Torem/ 2 reversitol
    days 21-30 30mg Torem/ 1 reversitol

    I will also be taking ZMA and Endoamp by primoridal performance. The ZMA is to boost test levels and the Endoamp is a cortisol reducer to protect hormone levels. Any comments or suggestions would be nice.

  2. u runing it as a stand alone? or as PCT..... it looks like a good PCT to me except itd start the reversitol day after week 1, and run it 1 week after you stop the serm...

  3. Im running it as a stand alone. So you says push the reversitol back one week?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by mesoman View Post
    Im running it as a stand alone. So you says push the reversitol back one week?

    although as stand alone i dont see the need to do this....

    you want to raise test, there are different ways other then running a serm

    halodrol liquid gels may not increase test (if they do i havent heard much about it) but ive herd of great strength gains on it. and you can possibly runn it with 6oxo to help reduce gyno or ATD (formadrol extreme)

    you may want to look into that before running that stand alone stack you provided and save it for a PCT to a PH/PS cycle.

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