Second cycle as effective as the first?

  1. Second cycle as effective as the first?

    Hey -
    Its been 7 months since my 4week cycle of T1. It was very succesful and Ive kept all of my gains. In a couple of months, Im thinking of cycling again, attempting to gain another 15-20lbs. Do you think that the same 2squirts/2x a day of T1 will give me similar results?

    Im currently 225#, trying to get to 245-250.

    Any suggestions?


  2. With that time off inbetween cycles you def have a good shot at coming close to the same type of gains if not just as good or better since you have a better idea of how to eat and train while on cycle. Either way, good luck!

  3. Thanks TMack40, now Im definately looking foward to it!


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