transdermal help ( a new ?)

  1. Question transdermal help ( a new ?)

    I have 120 5 gram packets of androgel (testosterone prescription)..
    each packets contains testosterone USP 50 mg, carbomer 940, ethyl alcohol 68.9 %, isopropyl myristate, sodium hydroxide, and water.
    the leaflet says that I absorb about 10 %. I really would like to bump up the absorbsion rate. and maybe add some 1 test, or some type of pro-hormone. any suggestions on 1 test or pro-hormone would be great!
    what I want to do is empty the packets in to a spray bottle add some dmso and alittle more alcohol, maybe some (oa) & some (ipp) any suggestions on the recipe ? THANKS

  2. someone?

  3. I am not that familiar with those patches, but I would make a guess that trying to change them in any way would probably reduce their effectiveness, not increase it.

    If you have a desire to "boost" your levels further, consider using a transdermal in addition to a patch.

  4. this is not a PATCH.... but a gel that you rub on just like any other transdermal. the only differance is that it comes in a small packect. that you rip open . not a bottle.

  5. That being the case, I would still use it as it was designed and put another transdermal in a different area. I don't personally feel comfortable trying to rework someone else's formula. It is also possible that the absorption is greater than 10%, although they do not want to make a label claim that they cannot prove. For example, although people think you can get 30+% absorption using DMSO or BDC's new gel, they really do not know the numbers for sure.

  6. thanx cogar for your imput! anyone else?

  7. jsut mix in some DMSO... that will bump the absorbtion up to 20-25%. You could also add some oleic acid. As for other PH;s to add. 1test would be good to add to test.


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