HCG or Sustain Alpha PCT for Anavar only Cycle

  1. HCG or Sustain Alpha PCT for Anavar only Cycle


    Hi guys

    im going to be running a 8week cycle of anavar 50mg ed

    for PCT going to run nolvadex 30/20/10

    would hcg be useful for recovery if so what sort of dosages/when should i run it. or would sustain alpha from primodial performance be good for recovery?


    also 3 weeks after finishing pct i was planning on starting another anavar cycle of 5 weeks would that be ok

  2. Time on cycle plus time on pct should accout for the amount of time you need to wait between cycles. For example you have 8wks of anavar and 3wks of pct so you need to wait 11wks before you start your next cycle. Hcg is over kill for an anavar only cycle lol. Also dam you have enough var to run 50mg for 13weeks. You must have spent a fortune!

  3. Cheers for that man

    i got anavar (oxandralone) powder cheap and made it into the capsules myself. 5grams costed me only $100 us so cheap as compared to the anavar tablets. although there is no garuntee that what i have is real despite it being from a respected site.

    time will tell tho lol

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