blood work

  1. blood work

    I'd like to get blood work done before I do a cycle of epi, and I want to make sure when the tests come back it has all the information on it I'll need. What do I go to the doc and ask for without telling him I'm about to try roids for the first time.


  2. JUst tell him the truth....You want blood work done..
    Liver enzymes cholesterol are easy its the hormone tests that some doctors shy away from....I say if he isnt willing to do it find a new DR. OR you could always sign up for labwork online and they will make an appointement with a Dr. near you....Almost no questions asked.


    something like this there are alot out there.

  4. Is there a problem in some places for asking for bloodwork? Just curious cause I never give a reason why I just tell my dr. I want a metabolic and hormone panel done.

  5. Comprehensive metabolic panel
    Lipid panel
    Liver panel
    Free testosterone
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  6. Thanks for the info.


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