Test P, NPP and Tren Ace cycle?

  1. Test P, NPP and Tren Ace cycle?

    Im going on a bulking cycle in november, and wonder if this cycle is the ultimate cycle for me:

    Test P: week 1-13 125mg EOD
    NPP: Week 1-7 100mg EOD
    Tren Ace: Week 8-13 100mg EOD

    What do you think?

    Running NPP for the first 7 weeks and then start Tren ace on the 8 week and run that for the last 6 weeks to harden up and to give some new fresh boost??

  2. should be OK. The next cycle i had planned when i gave up steroids was prop at 150mg eod, NPP 100 mg eod and 20mg dbol a day all for 10 weeks, and run the injectables another 2. I am sad i never got a chance to run it. I had a ****ton of NPP that i never got a chance to run when i stopped and gave it away. That cycle should be nice. Good luck. I loved fast acting esthers.

  3. i was going to run a cycle like this too but with 6 wk npp and 6 wk tren. if i could afford anavar throughout that would be nice. Ill never afford anavar haha

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