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    Ok so say you knew someone that lived on a military base, would it be risky to ship Nolva or clomid on base? Are they controlled substances? My " friends" methyl1-Test had no problem getting there. However "he" doesn't want the military crawling down his ass.

  2. Prescription.. so the are considered to be legal if you have a script for them..

  3. Ok so in other words, it probably wouldn't be good to have it shipped to my house. Nothing was said about the Methyl1-test, but we all know that is a grey area product. Much thanks,

  4. Bro, I lived on Homestead Air Force base for 2 years and had many things sent to me that shouldnt have been. The military dosent screen your mail unless theyve been given a reason to. If you are stationed on base and living out of your perm. adddress then you should still be recieving mail from the Post Office and packages from whatever courier delivers them. Unless the military has started delivering domestic mail I think youll be fine. But hey you can never be to safe. If it bothers you that much get a PO box.


  5. Cool, I lived in Homestead from 83-89. I loved it there, now I am in West Texas and it leaves much to be desired.



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