Cheapo Stack? 6-bromo & Alpha Drive XL

  1. Cheapo Stack? 6-bromo & Alpha Drive XL

    I have a bottle of each, Jaggernaut T-Drive (6 bromo 12mg per cap) and Alpha Drive XL (EuryMAX. Proprietary Eurycoma Longifolia Ex, CYP-X. Proprietary Grapefruit Extract, Tribulus Terrestris Proprietary Furostanosides. Extract, Tribubolic. Complex (Protodioscin, Methylprotodioscin, Prototribestan and Methylprototribestan), EuryTEINS. Proprietary Glycoprotein Complex from Eurycoma Longifolia, ADED).

    Any reason not to try it? I would only dose 3 of each. Thanks.

  2. Maybe add some divanex....4caps...should/will stack well with the 6-bromo...

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