CONSECUTIVE Pulsers, chime in

  1. Lightbulb CONSECUTIVE Pulsers, chime in

    To start out, i pulsed m-drol for 5 wks at 20mgs 4x/wk. Really enjoyed the results. Wondering about those of you that pulse every month or 2 consecutively.
    How long you pulse?
    What you pulse?
    Mgs and times per wk you pulse?
    How long you break between pulses?
    What supporting supps you took while pulsing?
    Just brief info how its been going for you and why you keep doing it.

    I'm looking to pulse the rest of my mdrol soon and contemplating making it a habit every couple months or so. Looking to gain some wisdom, based on results, from those of you more experienced.....

  2. There has to be some of you out there that have run pulse cycles back to back

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