For those that poke.

  1. For those that poke.

    I thought this is a cool way to see just what the area beneath the skin may look like at the inject site. It is a Visible Human Cross section from a real human body. Simply drag the line that intercepts the body to where ever you want on the body and click the load button. You can view it in JPG picture format, a CT scan or MRI image. The JPG is the best for detail. It uses Java so make sure you have that enabled and after clicking load wait a second then the picture will pop up in a seperate window.

    Visible Human Cross Sections

  2. That is so freakin cool! Thanks db!

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  3. Originally posted by ManBeast
    That is so freakin cool! Thanks db!

    I should've known you'd be the first to reply to a post about pinning MB. :P Anyways, that's an awesome link db, you're really on the ball lately.



  4. I checked that out, I think im gonna throw up....

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