M-1-T Anabolic Profile Versus Primo (and Methyl Primo)...Vida Reference

  1. M-1-T Anabolic Profile Versus Primo (and Methyl Primo)...Vida Reference

    This was originally posted on SM when a member asked me to come up with something for the new M-1-T. I think it will digest well over here as well so reference the post:

    Originally posted at SM. Click here for thread.
    I have put together a quick reference for those wanting to research with the new methyl 1-test products that are coming out. This compound is completely new and this will allow for activity comparison between:

    • 1-test versus methyl 1-test
      TAKE HOME LESSON: How 17a-methylation affects the anabolic profile of 1-test.
    • 1-test versus Primo
      TAKE HOME LESSON: How 1-methylation affects the anabolic profile of 1-test.
    • methyl 1-test versus Primo
      TAKE HOME LESSON: Effects of 1-methylation versus 17a-methylation.

    This is an early release of a full write-up on the AA profile of methyl 1-test and does not include the notes/explanations/discussion/suggestion that the final version will have. I mainly wanted to get this info out here so that others may form an opinion which will be a vehicle for intelligent exchange of ideas or views. You have to see what I'm looking at before we can argue about it

    So, if you're interested in this subject matter then click on this link to download the Adobe PDF file. I warn you that it is nearly 300Kb so may take time to load on dial-up connections.

    Humbly Submitted,


  2. I can't open the doc using adobe 4, what version of distiller did you use to convert it??

  3. Take your broke ass to Adobe.com and download the new version of the reader. There at version 6 now bro. Or you can do even better and spend acouple bucks on the Acrobat professional package and even make some pretty nice docs with that.

    Some of the copies of Vida Ive sold have been 140 bit encryted and will only open with the newer versions. The weakest encryption is 40 bit and for viewers running version 4 they lose alot of features because of sercurity issues.


    PS. I just checked and Chemos PDF file is secured with the 140 bit encryption as well so you definitly need to update.

    Try this. adobe reader

  4. Damn I didn't realise Adobe had jumped several versions ahead. Any comments on my other thread on how readable the Vida book would be to a non-chemistry/biology major?

  5. You shouldnt have an problems reading it. Im a building construction major and I can understand it quite well. Its all what you make of it. I love research though and im willing to read for a week to help me grasp something that I may not fully understand. I would guarantee that half of the people that have purchased it are in your same shoes. It is not that hard to understand and it will definitly teach you more about these compounds.

    If your still interested drop me a line and we'll discuss this further.


  6. Chemo,

    I'm curious, what are the numbers on OH-Test? How does OH-Test compare to the compounds you already listed?


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