2 week low dose Sdrol followed by Hdrol...opinions?

  1. 2 week low dose Sdrol followed by Hdrol...opinions?

    stats: 5'9'' 180lbs 11-12% BF 9 years natural training, diet VERY much in tune.

    Supps: Multi, fish/flax/borage oil, anabolic pump,

    I'm thinking of doing a cycle consisting of 2 weeks of sdrol (10/20mg) followed by 5 weeks of Hdrol (50/50/50/75/75) using cycle support during cycle and liquidex for post cycle as well as other pct(I still have work/research to do on putting the pct together).

    I feel comfortable about the Hdrol, however, my question is if it's worth throwing in the Sdrol to jump start for two weeks. The reason I went for two weeks instead of threeis that most of the feedback that I hear is that most gains from Sdrol come in weeks 1& 2 and taper off greatly in week 3. Another reason is that Sdrol is a little more harsh than I had wanted to use, however, I fugure if I keep the dose low(10-20mg) and only for 2 weeks, with propert cycle support and pct I should be able to keep sides minimal and well managed.

    Would adding the Sdrol for two weeks at 10 & 20mgs show any additional benefit in this cycle and will holding off until the end of the Hdrol 5 weeks after I finish the Sdrol be an issue and will 7 weeks of methyls be too long?

  2. From what I have learned, and of course my opinion, is that the cycle shouldnt be for more than five weeks. 2 hd, 3sd, in that order. Transitioning the 2 (stack lesser amounts of each) over a 2 or 3 day period. I think 10 mgs of sd is plenty for 3 weeks, it will shut you down less too. You will still be getting pumped for weeks after that especially with a 6oxo and dhea pct. Hope that helps JMO

  3. I would also say just run the 5 weeks of H-drol if you add in 2 weeks of superdrol you will be shut down pretty good
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