4ad question, can I take like this?

  1. Question 4ad question, can I take like this?

    I ordered 4ad to go with my order of M-1-T, and thought I ordered Cyclo-Diol, but instead ordered the straight 4-AD powder. Now my question is this, can I take the 4-AD powder directly as a powder, or does it have to be in pill form? If it does have to be in pill form how many 00 caps= what mg? Thanks for any help, I appreciate it. Also what if anything is wrong with a 3 week cycle with 2 weeks off, I am hearing a lot about 2wk on and 2wk off, but I would like to extend it by about a wk. I am going to go with only the 10mg of M-1-T as it seems to be kicking ass and taking names at 20mg and higher. I will prob be doing 300mg 2x a day on the 4-AD. Thanks again.

  2. I'd suggest using the 4-AD transdermally instead of orally

  3. I would like to do that, just my g/f can't stand the transdermal, so I wanted to stay with an all oral cycle. So my question is as above, can I take the 4-ad powder orally direct, or does it have to be in pill form to be effective. I have empty 00 capsules, but was just curious. Thanks

  4. Forget swallowing 4-AD...

    Either find a 4-AD cypionate and pin it or go with a transdermal.


  5. Although I once made decent gains with oral 4ad, I had to take TWO GRAMS a day. Do what the other guys said.

    But if you're set on it, I don't see why it would matter if it's capped or not.



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