Has anyone in here joined the 09 league? we still need a few more players!

I got this email the other day about the draft but I just checked and it says "10 Days 0332" till draft time, you still got time!


This note is being sent to remind you that your team in league AnabolicMinds Fantasy 2K9(512512) is scheduled to take part in a live online draft on Mon Aug 24 07:15pm PDT.

In order to participate in the live draft, you must have Flash installed and enabled on your browser. If you are unsure about your settings, please test your system before the draft begins.

Additionally, please remember that all league information including league members, draft order and player ranking information can only be edited until approximately one hour before the draft begins. After this deadline passes, the information locks and cannot be changed.

Good luck. Thanks for playing.

--Fantasy Football Commissioner