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WNBA...lets get real here.

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    whats worse about that dunk was it was a WHITE GUY! LOL..
    manute was the sh1t man i remember one day he made like 7 three pointers in one game it was unreal.
    A 7'7 guy hitting the back board is impressive from beyond the arc, that is incredible.

    Oh side note, I wanted to play your avi really bad, but it is off youtube. Find another one broski?

  2. McDonalds all-american ehh. Yea at 5'11 she would probably somewhat athletic if she could move which may create some problems for me down low only being 5'8". I've been really itching to play some legit girls in basketball. I've been playing once a week with my cousins high school team because my uncle helps coach. Getting used to playing with the girls ball is kinda hard it's so much smaller and lighter.
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