Women's Gymnastics Olympic Trials

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    Women's Gymnastics Olympic Trials

    I have a 6yo duaghter who is a gymnist. My wife performed gymnastics as a kid as well, so we are watching the Women's Gymnastcis Olympic Trials. We watched it last night. It is great to have a family fun activity to share that also keeps dad interested too.

    I have a new crush:

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    I know, I am a dirty old man. But I am still a man

    Anyway, it is really cool to see my daughters face light up and her increased enthusiasm from watching these girls compete. She is begining to learn some of these events and she is pretty good for her age.

    Anyone else watching any of the Olympic Trials yet?

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    Quote Originally Posted by thesinner View Post
    Hey, you're spending quality time with the wife and kids. anything extra is "bonus". Enjoy it (you perv!)

    Wasn't ryansm trying out for the lifting team?
    My thoughts exactly.

    Yes, that's right about ryansm. He has not been active for quite some time. Might be why. He certainly has some serious potential.

    I'll PM him to see what he is up to. Would be cool if her were at the trials...representing.

    [damn, I need the FireFox/Mozzila spell check on my work PC...illiterate and dyslexic am I ]
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    Spoke with Ryan a little while back.

    Apparently he qualified for the team but got injured before team selections. He is unofficially on the team as an alternate.

    A friend of his and training partner by the name of Chad Vaughn will be going.

    I must admit I am looking forward to the women's (actually it's girls) gymnastics. A couple reasons, with the most obvious being, well, obvious.

    But like thesinner said spending quality time with the wife and kid with a "bonus". My soon to be 7yo daughter is a gymnist and my wife was a gymnist.

    But what I enjoy the most is that my wife is so very cool with me being "into" girls. I can critique their "form" all I want and she is confident and secure enough with herself as a women and a mom that it does not phase her a bit. It doesn't hurt any that she still has quite a great gymnist figure.

    I see many men who have wives and girlfriends that are so insecure with themselves and jealous of other women that it is rediculous. Her ability to allow me to be "me" and her maturity to be confident in herself actually makes me rather "do" my 43yo MILF even more than the teenage girl I'm looking at on the TV.

    Plus I won't go to jail...bonus!

    Anyway...that's my post quota for a back handed compliment to my wife. Let the games begin!



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