T.O. Talking about his Diet

  1. T.O. Talking about his Diet

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    -Egg whites, Oatmeal

    -Workout, plenty of fluids


    -Grilled Fish or Chicken and lots of salads

    He also pimped his T.O. Bands.

  2. hes truely a man among men

  3. he forgot the steroids he is on

  4. only in the off season

  5. Then during the season its plenty of test susp and hGH
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  6. Egg whites and tbol for breakfast
    10 IU HGH and a 20 ounce steak for lunch

  7. No popcorn for TO ?

  8. I really can't say about now, but he played just up the road from me-15 miles or so. he's always been very lean, even in high school. he came back for a mutual friend's funeral several years ago and seemed to have kept his ability to cut well...from what I noticed in my brief convo with him.

    EDIT: treophone cut me short, but
    To say, what I noticed in my brief convo with him was that the guy had gained a vast knowledge of nutrition and supplementation. He was serious about fitness, or at best, he was hell'a convincing in what he talked about.

    I've always said that if it is all about the substances one uses then how come there are not hundred's of thousands of adonises walking around? I mean, there are literally thousands of people doing hgh, test, deca, ph/pro...but there is not enough proportion of people walking around with "great" bodies, comparably. So it has to be a large portion of work ethic/genetics.
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  9. I heard somewhere that when he arrived at Tennessee-Chattanooga's football field, he couldn't figure out why they didn't have orange uniforms on. Later, he supposedly learned he didn't get a scholarship nor did he sign his LOI to the Volunteers, but instead the Mocs.

    I think it's a lie, but humorous nonetheless.


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